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This is a current list of families seeking a nanny in the Madison area. Each position is unique just like each family. Peace of Mind Nannies strives to make exceptional matches, so please contact us if you find a family that is just right for you! 


All positions request the following, unless noted otherwise!
- CPR certified

-One to Two years of professional child-related experiences and references (non-family)

-Reliable car / clean driving record         



Full-time Nanny/House Manager: 

A laid back, fun/loving and a girl centric family in Verona is looking for a nanny for 10 year old twin girls. The mother and the girls are active, busy, welcoming and flexible. They want to find a nanny that is interactive, engaging, imaginative and safety-conscious. The girls like playing outside, put on plays, cooking, swimming and other sports. The girls respond well to a person that is energetic, understanding, kind and social. They like doing activities outside the home (karate and cheerleading), going to the movies and being social in the community.

The family would like their nanny to be creative, playful, structured, patient and in general a good role model. They need a nanny they can count on to be on-time, flexible, mature, professional and able to multitask. Seeing the big picture and providing a peace in the home is so important. When the children are not present, the mother is looking for a nanny that can focus on running the home. The mother asks that the nanny think out side of the box, open with communication, experienced with children and families and goal oriented. It will be important to find a nanny that is good with time management, cooking, cleaning and organizing. 

Daily duties would include picking up the girls from school, driving them to after school activities, supervising homework, packing lunches, making healthy home cooked dinners/lunches and enjoying time together. Household duties will include regular cleaning, children’s laundry, errands, groceries, organization of home (closets, toys and more) and cleaning up after the day. The mother’s ideal situation is to have enough help each day around the home so when she is not at work she is able to be with the girls. The nanny is needed Monday-Friday anytime in the morning and afternoon and must be there with the girls from 3:00pm-6:30pm. Monthly overnights (2-3 nights/month) when mother travels for business and additional evening hours will be scheduled in advance. Weekly salary is $500-700 (negotiable depending on experience and more). Benefits will guaranteed weekly hours, 4 weeks vacation (2 in the summer, 1 at Christmas and 1 at Spring Break) and will be available to use the pool membership and the home hot tub.

This position is to start ASAP and will continue for at least a year.


Seeking A Creative, Educated and Professional Nanny/House Manager

An outgoing, fun/loving and outdoorsy family in Blue Mounds, is looking for a part-time nanny/ house manager for their 11 year old girl, 9 year old girl and 8 year old boy. The family enjoys spending time together outside, occasional Madison activities, exploring on their hobby farm, sports and spending time together. The 11 year old is kind, creative in art and science, and loves gymnastics, baking and their dogs. The 9 year old enjoys humor, being creative, gymnastics, baking and horseback riding. The 8 year old loves to be active riding his bike, throwing a ball, board games and being outdoors. When looking for a nanny, the family would hope to find a nanny that is outgoing, fun, attentive and confident. Someone that is experienced, patient, mature and has common sense. The children and parents both appreciate working with someone that is self motivated, creative, engaging, funny and professional that sees the role as being a positive coach for everyday life and development of the children. The family primarily requires a nanny who will engage and challenge the children academically. The nanny will be expected to help with daily homework, reading, everyday math, set healthy boundaries, expectations, plan safe/fun activities, make healthy snacks, some meal prep, and work as a team with the family. The nanny is to have a clean background check, good driving record and several work related references (does not need to be childcare related). The role will require use of email and a phone/texting for communication.

The family would like the nanny to help maintain a clean household environment which includes light cleaning and daily pick up with the children. Some errands during normal hours.

The position is to start as soon as possible and continue for the school year (through June 8th 2018). Summer employment is possible with different hours and requirements. Hours are approximately 2pm-6/6:30, typically 5 days a week. Hourly wage is $13-14 (cash) an hour with potential raises and bonuses. No holidays and no hours Dec 25-Jan 2. Additional hours may be available when children are off from school. The position would require you to drive to the family’s home and then use their SUV to pick up the children from school and any other required driving needs. The family has several different animals on the hobby farm (no cats). Must be a non-smoker and no other tobacco product use allowed during working hours.




Nurturing and Fun Full-Time Nanny For Twin Girls:

A professional, welcoming and easy going family in Sun Prairie is looking for a full-time nanny to care for their 17 month old twin girls. The family is looking for nanny to join their family Monday through Friday from 6:30/6:45am until 3:30/4:00pm. Hourly wage is $14 to $15 an hour (please ask for details). Benefits consist of 2 weeks vacation, major paid holidays, weekly guaranteed hours and potential bonuses throughout the year depending on meeting expectations and more. The position is to start ASAP and will continue until middle of June and will restart in August (Peace of Mind Nannies will help find summer hours for the nanny)

The family enjoys going to parks, playing at home and reading together. The girls really enjoy music, books, playing together and going to the children's museum and library. The family has set the girls on a eating and sleeping schedule that works great for them. Schedules are important. The family is looking for a nanny that has at least 1 to 2 years of professional experience, CPR trained and a clean background and driving record. The family would like to find a nanny that is RELIABLE, mature, able to improvise and think on their feet. They would love to find someone that is nurturing, kind, caring, and engaging. A nanny that is dependable, helpful, open with communication and invested.

The family would like the nanny to help with maintaining a clean environment, help with dishes, pickup daily toys and prepare the twins meals each day.
The family truly looks forward to a nanny that is accountable, hands on with the girls and ready to have fun.
   -Family vehicle or carseats may be provided.



Full-Time Infant/Toddler Nanny: 

 A down to earth, family oriented and welcoming family in Oregon is looking for a full-time Spanish speaking nanny to start the first week of January. Hours will be 7-8am until 3-4pm Monday through Friday. Hourly wage $14-16 an hour, depending on experiences, expectations, education and life experiences. Benefits consists of guaranteed weekly hours, paid time off, sick time, major paid holidays and other benefits may be discussed.  

The family has  2.5 yr old son and a baby due late October/early November. The family enjoys cooking, going to the park and being together. The grandmother lives with the family and will help around the home each day.  However, the nanny will primarily be the one taking care of the children during the day. As the parents have very demanding positions and completely rely on the nanny. 

The family would hope for the nanny to plan outings, activities, projects and new experiences. The nanny is to foster education, learning, pretend play and being active. The family would like to know that the children are being loved, active, encouraged, taught and that they are always safe. It is important for them to find a nanny that is a partner in raising their kids- someone they can trust to work together with them and also independently as an extension of the parents while they are at work.

The family would like to find a nanny that is genuine, honest, healthy, active, passionate and positive(happy). The nanny will be asked to be engaging, creative, trustworthy and patient. They are seeking a nanny that is self-motivated, self-starting and can think outside of the box. It is the families' desire to see the nanny plan activities, outings, hands-on experiences and work with the children on age appropriate levels. The nanny is to be flexible, reliable, DEPENDABLE, able to see the big picture and help in all areas. The grandmother speaks exclusively Spanish. The family is looking for a nanny who is very fluent in Spanish so that they can maintain and nurture/grow Spanish with the children. 

 Duties around the home will be to maintain a clean environment, help with dishes, children's laundry, help with cloth diapers, bottles and more. The nanny will be required to have a clean driving record and have a safe vehicle. It is important to the family to find a nanny having at least 2 years of professional child related experiences with infants and toddlers.

 The family wants to love, trust, value and appreciate their nanny everyday. The family does not want to micromanage, but instead work as a team and have open and honest communication.

-The family has a cat. 


 Seeking a dependable, loving and committed infant nanny:


A cohesive, welcoming, loving and hardworking family on the Westside of Madison (near Old Sauk) is looking for a full-time infant nanny to join their family around December 18th. The baby will be about 4 months old when the nanny starts. The family is looking for a nanny Monday through Friday. The position will be guaranteed 40 hours a week. The mother works 7 days and has 7 days off. On the weeks the mother works, the nanny will be needed Monday through Friday from 7am until 6:30pm and when the mother is off, the nanny will work 9am until 1pm (flexible). Both parents are physicians and have very demanding work schedules each day. The family will be 100% reliant on the nanny’s reliability, dependability and commitment. Additional hours may be available if interested for date nights, occasional overnights if parents are both on-call and/or weekends occasionally. The family truly hopes to find someone that is looking to remain with the family long-term. The family hopes to welcome the nanny into their home and lives. They would like to see this as a partnership and collaboration.

When looking for their ideal nanny, the family is looking for someone that is trust-worthy, responsible, dedicated and hardworking. A nanny that will be invested in the child’s well-being, development, interests and much more. The family is looking for a nanny that will encourage milestone development, interaction, engagement and support.

It is important for the nanny to have a least 1-2 years of infant experience, clean background and driving record, safe/reliable vehicle and CPR trained or willing to be. The nanny will be asked to drive the child to appointments weekly.

Duties will consist of maintaining a clean environment, helping with baby’s laundry, dishes, bottles and more. Hourly wage is $14-16 an hour. Benefits consist of 2 weeks paid vacation (1 week Nanny's choice, 1 week family's choice), paid sick days, paid major holidays and potential raises and bonuses throughout the year and possible money toward health insurance.

Must be comfortable with 2 dogs


Family Seeking A Caring And Responsible Nanny:

An active, outgoing and caring family on the Westside of Madison is looking for a full-time nanny/house manager to care for their 2 boys, ages 6 and 3 years old. The nannies primary responsibility will be to be engaging, playful, nurturing and conscientious of safety. The children are fun, sweet and active. The 6 year old likes to play legos, be active outdoors and loves riding his bike. The 3 year old enjoys playing with trucks, going to the park and being active. The family is professional, welcoming, detailed and family oriented. The 6 year old is in school full time and the 3 year old goes to preschool half day. Nanny will be responsible for pick up/ drop off from school, meal prepping, grocery shopping, errands ,and light housekeeping.

When in search for an ideal nanny, the family is looking for a nanny that has at least one to two years of professional child-related experiences with children of all ages, kind-hearted, silly, imaginative, structured, takes initiative, flexible and passionate about working with a family, as well as supporting the family as a whole. A nanny that likes to work as a team, comfortable with open communication on a daily basis and hardworking. CPR certification will be expected.

The position will start Mid-August.

Family is allergic to cats and smoke.

Hours will range from 40-45 hours a week from 7:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday. Weekly salary is $550-650 a week depending on experience and education as well as 2 weeks paid vacation. The family will provide a vehicle for the nanny to use while with children. The family is looking for a long-term commitment and seeing the nanny as becoming a part of their family.